Typography Essentials for Design By Abraham Lule

Typography Essentials for Design By Abraham Lule
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Domestika – Typography Essentials for Design – Abraham Lule – Tutorial Collection

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Domestika Typography Essentials for Design Free Download

Explore the concepts and principles of typography to create inspiring designs that capture the essence of a brand

Graphic designer Abraham Lule uses typography to put the lettering at the forefront of his logos and designs. Originally from Mexico, the NYC-based designer’s typographic designs are known for their bold colors and contrast, collaborating with prominent restaurants and labels throughout the food and restaurant industry.

In this course, Abraham teaches you how to focus attention on the typography of an illustration. Starting with basic principles of typography, learn how to blend composition, color, and lettering to create high-impact designs that capture the message behind a brand.

About this course


  • U1 Introduction
  • U2 Basic Design Elements
  • U3 Understanding Visual Concepts
  • U4 Working With Type
  • U5 Fine-Tuning
  • FP Final Project

Begin the course by meeting graphic designer Abraham Lule. Learn about his influences growing up in Mexico, how he got to where he is today, and take a look at some of his award-winning graphic design and typography work.

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Explore the basic elements of good typographic composition. See how format and composition work together and analyze some of Abraham’s work to better understand the concepts.

Abraham teaches you the five elemental concepts of typographic design, covering the fundamentals of shape, space, color, hierarchy, and rhythm. Learn how to apply them to different design projects and prepare to get started on your final project.

Sketch out your message using pencil and paper. Then see how to transfer your sketches to the screen and explore a variety of digital adjustment techniques. Learn about selecting a typographic palette and see how to add custom elements and other fine details to make your work stand out.

What is this course’s project?

Create an original typographic composition from scratch.

Who is it for?

This course is for anyone interested in design and typography, including non-designers.

What you need

To take this course, you should have an interest in typography and design.

Materials include paper, a pencil, an eraser, a ruler, scissors, and access to a printer. You should also have a computer with Adobe Illustrator or your preferred vector software.

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