Ps-scripting – Professional Photoshop Scripting

ps-scripting - Professional Photoshop Scripting
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Ps-scripting Professional Photoshop Scripting – Free Course Script Download 

ps-scripting – Professional Photoshop Scripting Free Download – Tutorials Collection

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From Beginner to Professional

► Optimize your learning curve with a complete, in-depth Course +400 pages strong.
► All aspects covered to develop production-ready Scripts.
► Suitable for beginners and experienced developers alike.
► Exclusive coverage of advanced topics not found anywhere else.
► Examples and demo code for everything!

I’ve carefully designed a learning path that guides you through all the aspects of Scripting development: from the tools to the syntax, up to very advanced topics which aren’t found anywhere else in such great detail. Not kidding! E.g., 70 pages on ActionManager, and 60 pages on Adobe Generator plug-ins!

Do you know what’s missing in the official documentation? Examples, examples, and more examples. I’ve packed this course with demo code on real-world problems.

Who is this course for?

Total beginners, you won’t feel lost. The first four Chapters lay down the essential elements that will help you with both the language syntax and, perhaps more importantly, the proper programming mindset. You’ll have time to familiarize with the Scripting architecture through examples: if/when needed, you can refer to the dedicated learning resources that I’ve listed. Anyone else: do not skip to Chapter five! The Course starts slow, but you need to have a solid understanding of the basics if you want to master what follows. And there’s a lot of ground to cover, up to very advanced topics.

What Photoshop versions are supported?

The ExtendScript language (the peculiar flavor of JavaScript that Adobe Photoshop uses) has changed very little over time: you can safely apply what you will learn to Photoshop CS6 up to CC 2020.


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