Photoserge – Time-Lapse Master Class

Photoserge - Time-Lapse Master Class
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Lessons 17 | Length 2 Hours 22 Minutes | Level Beginner | Required Lightroom CC, Premiere Pro, After Effects, LRtimelapse

Time-Lapse photography is such a beautiful art, but requires a bit of training to get the result you want. This course shows you exactly how to do it, time-lapse has never been more simple! You will learn how to: set up your camera, shoot time lapse from day to night, retouch in Lightroom, make a time-lapse with LRtimelapse, how to stabilize it in Adobe Premiere, how to deflicker it in LRtimelapse and a more advanced way to stabilize your time lapse in After effects!

Intro to Time-Lapse Master Class

In this course we cover the introduction of what we are going to do and talk about set ups for a classic day to day time-lapse.

Introduction to LRtimelapse part 1

In this first video we are going to discover the workflow using the software called LR Time lapse, how to import into the software and how to start retouching our time lapse.

Introduction to LRtimelapse part 2

In this video we continue to explore LR time lapse and how it works with Lightroom to retouch our day to day time-lapse.

Introduction to LRtimelapse part 3

We export the day to day time-lapse and we stabilize it in Adobe Premiere.

Introduction to the Day to Night Time Lapse

Here is a quick intro of the art of the day to night time-lapse also called ‘Holy Grail’, it is harder as you have to change your camera setting as you go along, but Emeric has some really cool tricks on that.

Post processing the ‘Holy Grail’ Day to Night time-lapse Part one

We started opening our raw files into LR time lapse and start retouching the first key framed photos.

Post processing the ‘Holy Grail’ Day to Night time-lapse Part Two

We export and see the final result of the hardest art form of time-lapse.

Post processing the ‘Holy Grail’ Day to night time-lapse Part Three

We export and see the final result of the hardest art form of time-lapse.

Night to Night

Cityscape and city lights are a beautiful subject for time lapse. We take you to San Diego for a powerful night time-lapse


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