Mavic Pro D-Log LUT – Film Poets

Mavic Pro D-Log LUT - Film Poets
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Download Mavic Pro D-Log LUT – Film Poets – Free Luts Download

Film Poets Mavic Pro D-Log LUT  Free Download – Luts Collection

The D-Log profile on your Mavic Pro is a gift. By expanding the dynamic range, it gives you a more filmic look. But it’s hard to color correct. Designed for style settings +1,-1,-1, the D-Log LUT will give you a perfect correction every time.

  • corrects the flat D-Log image to match the vibrant D-Cinelike profile.
  • maintains the smooth highlight rolloff of D-Log.
  • mathematically corrects the gamma curve
  • preserves true and natural colors
  • avoids strange color shifts like other LUTs
  • apply in under 3 seconds
  • compatible with any program that accepts LUTs
  • works alongside the Mavic Pro LowLight Pack


Mavic Pro D-Log LUT Free Download (332 KB)



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