Liquidverve – Coloring and Stylization for Portraits (3.0)

Liquidverve - Coloring and Stylization for Portraits (3.0)
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Liquidverve Coloring and Stylization for Portraits (3.0) Free Download – Free Course Download 

Liquidverve Coloring and Stylization for Portraits 3.0 – Tutorials Collection

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Liquidverve Coloring and Stylization for Portraits (3.0)

Welcome to my in-depth coloring and stylization course for portrait editing! This tutorial will introduce you to color theory and application in portrait editing, so you can build a strong foundation for creating your own style!

This tutorial is for you if:

  • You are looking to improve your understanding of how to shift colors, how to combine them into harmonies and palettes, and how to choose colors for an image! You can be completely new to stylization, or you can already be an intermediate/advanced colorist looking to refine your skills.
  • You have an understanding of the Photoshop interface and base tools, such as layers, masks, paintbrush, eraser, etc.

Note: This course is built primarily for Photoshop users, however, the theory and practical skills taught can be applied to almost any coloring platform (including for video grading). The course discusses the foundations of how coloring tools work and the thought process behind making coloring choices

Disclaimer: This course does NOT cover any retouching or compositing! It focuses solely on the coloring and stylization process. If you’d like to learn retouching too, I’d recommend taking a look at the Retouching & Stylization Bundle!

We will cover:

  • Chapter 1 – Foundations of Color – Discussion of basic color theory: how to break down, modify, and mix HSL color
  • Chapter 2 – Color Harmonies – Introduction to the classic color harmonies
  • Chapter 3 – Tools & Application – Practical application of color shifts via tools in Photoshop and Lightroom (or Camera Raw)
  • Chapter 4 – Analyzing Raw Colors – Analysis of colors present in a raw file and discussion of finding nearby harmonies that are easy to implement
  • Chapter 5 – Creating Cinematic Colors – Discussion of how to create cinematic palettes via meaningful hue and harmony choices based on the image narrative
  • Chapter 6 – Subject Separation – Demonstration of a variety of techniques to deliberately guide attention within the frame
  • Chapter 7 – Walkthrough – Full start-to-finish walkthrough of the coloring and stylization process of an image via Camera Raw and Photoshop
  • Chapter 8 – Workflow Efficiency – Demonstration of how to use LUTs (Photoshop coloring presets) to create a fast and efficient stylization workflow

Included with this download:

– The full 3:20h course (digital download)
– My LUTs (Photoshop coloring presets)
– The RAW file of the main walkthrough image
– My minimalistic Photoshop Toolbar
– My Photoshop Actions
– Instructions on how to import all files

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