Lightroom Masterclass Editing Workshop By Luke Stackpoole

Lightroom Masterclass Editing Workshop By Luke Stackpoole
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Luke Stackpoole – Lightroom Masterclass Editing Workshop – Tutorial Collection

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  • Want a complete guide on how to edit photos in Lightroom?
  • Overwhelmed by all the tools Lightroom has?
  • Interested in learning how I create my cinematic style?
  • Want guidance on colours and consistency in your images?

Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced photographer, the Lightroom Masterclass will teach you to master your editing techniques and help you achieve a style of your own.

From the foundations of Adobe Lightroom to the advanced techniques that I use on a daily basis, this course will cover everything you need to know about how to achieve a unique styling to your images by mastering your photo editing skillset.

Handcrafted over the course of the last six months, I’ve created a collection of ten unique presets specifically designed for this workshop. These will give you a base to build your own style, whilst teaching you how to implement colour theory.

I’ve included fifteen of my favourite RAW images for you to practice with. These encompass a wide variety of shooting environments, from the otherworldly landscapes of the Icelandic Highlands to the towering peaks of the Italian Dolomites.

Whether you’re a beginner to photo editing or a professional, there’s something for everyone to learn here. I’m going to reveal my tips on how I keep my Lightroom workflow optimised and organised so that you can speed up your own editing and stay ahead of the game.

I’ll also give you a comprehensive overview of everything you can achieve within the Develop Panel, including some advanced techniques for producing dramatic and aesthetic photography.

  • Optimising Lightroom
  • Understanding the library workspace
  • Develop panel deep-dive
  • Understanding each tool
  • Efficiency shortcuts

In these sessions, I’m going to be sharing the complete start to finish walkthroughs of a wide variety of image scenarios , including my signature matte green tones to the cinematic grading of the teal blues and earthy tones in my portfolio.

With a detailed breakdown of eighteen different images and a lesson on colour theory, you will come away from these sessions with a thorough knowledge of how to approach any editing scenario.

I’ve also included tutorials on low-light, portrait and commerical images and how best to work on these using the techniques I teach you.

  • Introduction to colour theory
  • Individual lessons for a wide variety of shooting scenarios
  • Cinematic styling for earthy, blue & matte green tones
  • Low-light, portrait & commerical editing techniques
  • 18 total image walkthroughs

I’ll show you how I maximise the sharpness of my images, as well as the tools I use for some final touchups. This session will cover everything you need to know about keeping your colours and styling consistent throughout your portfolio.

As a bonus, within the course, I’ve included a video tutorial on how to create your own personal Instagram story filter using Lightroom as a basis.

  • Export settings to maximise quality
  • Final touchups & the Orton Effect
  • How I keep my Instagram and portfolio consistent
  • Creating your own Instagram filter


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