Fantastic 3D illustration with Blender By Brellias

Fantastic 3D illustration with Blender By Brellias
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Fantastic 3D illustration with Blender Free Download – Free Course Download

Domestika – Fantastic 3D illustration with Blender – Brellias – Tutorial Collection

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Domestika Fantastic 3D illustration with Blender Free Download

Make your fantasies a reality by creating a piece of conceptual sci-fi art

Science fiction is where imagination and fantasy meet and is an endless source of inspiration for writers, film directors, painters, and designers. Concept artist Matías Vivanco Brellenthin, better known as Brellias, has found science fiction to be a boundless source of ideas for his work.

In this course, Brellias teaches you how to create a futuristic science fiction landscape in Blender. Take the rules of physics to their limits, with impossible compositions, and use color, textures, and lighting to create scenes inspired by vaporwave and cyberpunk. Illustrate further than the horizon and turn your fantasies into reality.

About this course


  • U1 Introduction
  • U2 Preparing everything
  • U3 Creating the part
  • U4 Refining the render
  • FP Final Project

Matías Vivanco (Brellias) starts the course by telling you about himself, what he does, and how he became a renowned concept artist who creates and designs science fiction scenes. He shares his two biggest influences that have inspired his style: the vaporwave and cyberpunk scene.

Immerse yourself into these two major visual references. Once you’ve soaked it up, select a scene for your creation, and make a mood board with the elements you will use for your project.

Get started with Blender in the following unit. Brellias tells you about the main advantages of working with the software and shows you its infinite possibilities. Develop your piece with compositional techniques, presenting models, applying textures, lighting, and effects.

Add the final touches, learning about color correction and eliminating unnecessary elements with Photoshop. Finally, Brellias tells you how to get the most out of your finished artwork in different media.

What is this course’s project?

Create a science fiction illustration starting with its conceptual origin to creating it in Blender, going through the composition, textures, colors, and 3D elements. Refine the details in Photoshop to complete an original sci-fi landscape.

Fantastic 3D illustration with Blender (771 MB)



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