Color Grading Central – Color Grading Academy For Color Finale

Color Grading Central - Color Grading Academy For Color Finale
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Chances are you’re either a filmmaker or an editor and you handle all of you’re own color grading inside of Final Cut Pro X (the buck stops with you). But you might be feeling frustrated when you’re not getting the results that you’re looking for. You may feel overwhelmed with the tools in Color Finale or you may even watch a film or project and say to yourself, “Why can’t I grade like that?”

Well I know how you feel and I’ve been there. In fact I remember the day years ago that my boss told me my grading was either “too extreme” or “looked muddy.” He then assigned the project to somebody else! This was a major blow to my creative ego and to say it made me feel inadequate is an understatement.

Well the good news is color grading is my obsession and so I didn’t want to give up. Through years of practice and study I was able to discover the groundbreaking techniques that top colorists from around the world use. Techniques that I used when grading commercials for big brands like Facebook and on films with theatrical releases.
What if you were only one technique or tutorial away from getting the results you’re looking for in Color Finale? What if there was someone willing to mentor you every step of the way? Someone willing to open up and share their top grading techniques and share with you how color theory can have an impact on your grading.
The Color Grading Masterclass for Color Finale is 6 months in the making. Yes you heard that right, 6 months to ensure that all the basics, virtually every question is covered and no stone left unturned. We have surveyed extensively and have received feedback from our members so that we know all the key points to cover.

I have a keen interest in helping you to see results in your color grading. We have thousands of satisfied members but what I’m interested in where you’re currently at, the struggles you’re currently going through and helping you get to the finish line. When you feel confident in your abilities and you celebrate your success is when I’ll celebrate. Feel free to peruse the masterclass curriculum and I’m always one email away if you have a question or need some feedback.

What You Get

A step-by-step color grading training program
Opportunities to ask questions and get answers from me
Nearly 70 in-depth training titles
Exercise files so you can download and follow along with
A  proper color grading workflow
Easy to follow system for matching multiple cameras and shots in a scene
Strategies to help you work more quickly and efficiently
In-depth series on getting proper and natural looking skin tones
In-depth color theory series so you can create “looks” that aid the story
Breakdown series on creating the looks of popular feature films
A certificate of completion upon completing the masterclass

Color Grading Academy For Color Finale (33 GB)



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