Blender 2.8 – Hard Surface Character Creation By Merlin Peppler

Blender 2.8 - Hard Surface Character Creation By Merlin Peppler
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Blender 2.8 – Hard Surface Character Creation Free Download – Free Course Download

Skillshare – Blender 2.8 – Hard Surface Character Creation – Merlin Peppler – Tutorial Collection

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Skillshare Blender 2.8 – Hard Surface Character Creation Free Download

What you will learn

  • subsurf modeling to create the parts of the character (Helmet, Mask, Chest Armor)
  • creating realistic metal and glass materials with simple node setups (Black Metal, Grey Metal, Silver Metal, Black Glass)
  • adding objects with emission shader as lighting around the character
  • setting up the camera and create some quick renders to find your favourite camera angle
  • creating a high quality 4K render with Blenders path tracing render engine Cycles


Merlin Peppler – Founder of CGI-Guy, Sci-Fi Nerd and 3D Artist @ CREATE 3D

Software needed

  • Blender 2.8 or beyond (available for free)

Recommended skills

  • navigating in 3D Viewport
  • difference between Verticies, Edges and Faces
  • usage of Modifiers (Mirror, Subsurf)
  • usage of Perspective and Orthographic Views


You will receive my original .blend file with the finished project.

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We will use blueprints with original dimensions as a reference for creating the 3D model.

These blueprints were only created for this course and are not available anywhere else.

I also suggest that you search for other reference images online to get an idea of what we are creating in detail.

Everything I used to create this course

Assets (Free Licence)

  • Music: Olympus by Ross Bugden (Soundcloud)
  • Fonts: Bebas Neue by Ryoichi Tsunekawa (dafont), Star Jedi by Boba Fonts (dafont)
  • Intro / Outro / Notifications: Designed by RKMFX (Youtube) edited by CGI-Guy

Assets (Licensed)

  • Music: Blast by EdRecords (Bensound)

Software (Open Source)

  • Blender 2.8 by The Blender Foundation (3D Modeling)
  • Open Broadcaster Software by Jim (Video Capturing)

Software (Licensed)

  • Vegas Pro 14 by MAGIX Software GmbH (Video Editing)
  • ERA-D by Accusonus (Audio Editing)

Blender 2.8 – Hard Surface Character Creation (5.9 GB)



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