Adobe Photoshop for Beginners By Harrison Kuykendal

Adobe Photoshop for Beginners By Harrison Kuykendal
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Domestika – Adobe Photoshop for Beginners – Harrison Kuykendal – Tutorial Collection

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Domestika Adobe Photoshop for Beginners Free Download

Step into Adobe Photoshop and discover the power behind the most professional digital imaging software on the market. For decades, Photoshop has offered the creative tools needed for editing and retouching visual projects like the work of digital artist Harrison Kuykendall.

In this 6-course Basics, meet Harrison Kuykendall and learn his tips and tricks for creating impactful digital work in your own style. Follow along with the NYC-based designer as he teaches you everything you know to become proficient in Photoshop, from the basics of the software to creating an animated GIF.

In the first course, get started by building a foundation of the software. Learn how to navigate the interface and get familiar with the basic tools. Start exploring the vast amount of resources and drop-down menus that you need to edit your images with ease and confidence.

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For the second course, dive into the basics of color and light. Learn how to adjust and modify the highlights and shadows of your image, including the different techniques for burning and Once you’ve achieved correct color and lighting, the rest of the post-production process is yours to explore.

In the third course of this Basics, go through the different methods for making selections and masks. Learn the main techniques for cutting out elements, focusing on the Wand and more advanced tools like the Pen. An accurate mask is key to playing around with your image later on.

In the fourth course, learn the basic concepts of retouching. Explore different ways of correcting imperfections and see how to clean up skin. Understand how to keep your retouching look natural and non-destructive before getting to know the Clone Stamp tool and exporting your retouched image.

For the fifth course of this Basics, it’s time to focus on retouching still images. Learn the unique challenges and tools used to edit photos and discover Harrison’s secrets for getting the shape and perspective of still images just right.

Wrap up this Basics by learning about image sizing and manipulation. Learn to scale, skew, and distort your images with a range of tools. Take a look at two different warping tools and how you can use them to create animated GIFs.

By the end of this Basics, you’ll have all the skills and tools you need to transform images like the pros, whether you’re retouching portraits, editing beauty and fashion photography, or creating dynamic animations from still images.

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