Sam Kolder Creative Masterclass (June 2021 Update)

Sam Kolder – Kolder Creative Masterclass
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Sam Kolder Creative Masterclass – Sam Kolder

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Sam Kolder Creative Masterclass

Kolder Creative isn’t just a course. It’s an immersive experience. With every advantage possible to help the next generation of creators.

Here you’ll learn:
Sam’s personal workflow for everything to do with filmmaking
The skills and techniques to 10x your editing speed
Advanced editing tools in After Effects & Premiere Pro so you can create without limits
How to create content that has clients coming to you for projects!
And much more!

We believe you’re just “one video away” from reaching the next level as a filmmaker. And we want to make that happen!

The Creative (18/12/2020)

Data Management – The Foundations of a Professional Content Creator (30/11/2020)

Premiere Pro (23/11/2020): 24 videos in 1 video, LUTs, Shortcut Keyboard PDF
The Ravenclaw Keyboard Shortcut Layout (Part 1,2) included Ravenclaw Files ( 28/01/2021)
How to install LUTS ( 28/01/2021)

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After Effects (24/11/2020): 15 videos in 1 video
Roto Brush 2.0 (5/6/2021)
AE – Mocha Stabilization (5/6/2021)

Gopro Player and Reelsteady Go (25/11/2020): 2 videos

Video and Transition Break Downs (25/11/2020):
Boat + Lightning Composition ( 28/01/2021)
Drone Reel Breakdown part 1  ( 15/02/2021)
Drone Reel Breakdown part 2 ( 03/04/2021)
Drone Reel Breakdown part 3 (03/05/2021)
Subway Window Replacement Composition (03/05/2021)
Hey Tim – Tunnel Transition Breakdown (03/05/2021)

The Guide to FPV Drones (26/11/2020)
 My honest thoughts on the new DJI FPV drone ( 03/04/2021)

Gear (27/11/2020)

Technicalities (28/11/2020)

Shooting (25/11/2020)

Business (30/11/2020)
How to Price and Up-sell your work ( 28/01/2021)
Building Revenue Streams ( 03/04/2021)

KC Live session ( 31/12/2020)

Sample Footage : SAUDI ARABIA SAMPLE FOOTAGE (24/11/2020), INDONESIA SAMPLE FOOTAGE (31/12/2020)


Roto Brush 2.0
AE – Mocha Stabilization


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