Motion Science – AE Academy Volume 1 – The Fundamentals

Motionscience - AE Academy Volume 1 - The Fundamentals
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Motionscience AE Academy Volume 1 The Fundamentals Free Download – Free Course | 10.6 GB

After Effects can be a very challenging program to wrap your head around. You have probably asked yourself “Where do I even begin? ” Take one glance at it and you may be tempted to give up right then.

Here’s the thing. After Effect is deep and very powerful. You just have to understand a few key concepts to really utilize it.

In this online training course, you’ll learn how to work within the panels, use typography, masking, shape layers, dynamic workflows, and most important of real world projects.

Get all the project files you need. And discover how to go from “where do I begin” to “I just created motion graphics.”

AE Academy // Volume 1 Features

Through expert guidance, you’ll master:


Set up all the necessary preferences to get After Effects working optimally

Dynamic Workflows

Uncover the power of workflows between After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Premiere


Understand the project, composition, timeline, and tool panels


Grasp masking techniques and tools like bezier handles, vertex points, feathering and modes


Expand your design skills with typography and use the character panel to your advantage


Go beyond simple compositions by adding effects that take your projects next level

Shape Layers

Take the mystery out of shape layers and build a shape layer logo animation


Learn how to use the render que to ouput your work and show it to the world



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