Jeremiah Davis THE FULL-TIME CREATOR CLASS (Original Paid Course)

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Download THE FULL-TIME CREATOR CLASS – Jeremiah Davis – Premium Course Download

Jeremiah Davis – THE FULL-TIME CREATOR CLASS Download – Premium Course | 24.4 GB

The Full-Time Creator Class is a comprehensive video class, featuring 71 videos with over 14 hours of content. In addition to covering the basics, this class is designed to help you find your style, win great clients, and take your video career full-time.

What do I get?


  • –    71 Videos.
  • –    14+ Hours of content.
  • –    Jeremiah’s full editing process.
  • –    7 screen recording full editing walkthroughs.
  • –    3 In-field behind-the-scenes videos on 3 brand productions.
  • –    Interviews with Rory Kramer and Blake Pinsker. (VP of Brand Marketing at MVMT Watches)
  • –    Templates for pitch decks, budget sheets, storyboards and shot lists.
  • –    Style development worksheet.
  • –    Pitch to delivery process on traditional brand productions and run-and-gun shoots.
  • –    Chance to win 1 year Musicbed subscription. (+ 2 free months of Musicbed subscription)
  • –    Access Facebook group of global creators.






(Original Course On Hand) The previous download was only footage.

Full-Time Creator Class by Jeremiah Davis

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