Evenant – Cinematic Music II: From The First Tracks and Beyond

Evenant - Cinematic Music II: From The First Tracks and Beyond
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Evenant Cinematic Music II From The First Tracks and Beyond Free Download – Free Course Download

Evenant – Cinematic Music II: From The First Tracks and Beyond – Music Tutorials | English | MP4 | 28.6 GB

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Cinematic Music II is an educational tool box that continues where CM1 left off, filled with a wide variety of resources on how to level up your cinematic writing, and achieve a more professional sound.

Imagine writing stronger melodies, more interesting harmonies, better ostinatos and beautiful textures, grandiose statements, and captivating track structures – without feeling overwhelmed or confused ever again.

Through over 11 hours of video material, spread across 42 different techniques, you will find a wide range of principles that can instantly be applied to take your tracks to the next level. This course is full of tips that will help you step up your game,

from your first tracks – and beyond!

Here’s What You’ll Learn

Making your melodies more memorable, and how to repurpose one melody into a dozen different themes.

Expanding your harmonic language with modal interchange, chromatic mediant modulations, and powerful voicings & inversions

Mastering 5 different types of ostinatos, understand how they affect your tracks, and learn when to use them.

Understanding the use of modes like Dorian, Mixolydian and Lydian, how to use them, and how they affect your themes.

Creating beautiful, lush orchestral textures and pads from scratch to breathe extra life into your mockups and compositions.

How to create more engaging track structures, massive climaxes, and build dynamic journeys beyond 4 minutes

Crucial principles for arranging massive brass and choir statements, dangerous mistakes to avoid, and tips for a huge sound.

How to turn a simple idea into a beautiful string arrangement, and further into a full orchestral statement, quickly.

Incorporating soft velvety passages, lively orchestral runs & accents, deep pulses and epic percussion in your tracks

… and much more!

What You Get In The Course

  • 7 Modules Covering Topics Ranging From Theme Writing, to Track Structure, Orchestration and Production
  • Exclusive Cinematic Music II Group On The Evenant Platform
  • Over 11 Hours of Video Content
  • Breakdowns of 2 Orchestral Pieces
  • 45 Minute Masterclass of the Most Common Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

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