Cinemamastery – Pro Editor – The Complete Editing Course For Videographers & Filmmakers By Eric Thayne

Pro Editor - The Complete Editing Course
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Cinemamastery Pro Editor – The Complete Editing Course For Videographers & Filmmakers By Eric Thayne

Cinemamastery Pro Editor The Complete Editing Course is an excellent course for a beginner editor. We do support dev’s we suggest you please buy from here. With such a petty price.

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PRO EDITOR is a complete masterclass for filmmakers that want to learn cinematic editing, sound design, and color grading.


Lesson 1 – What Computer Should I Use For Editing?
Lesson 2 – Which Editing SOFTWARE Should I Use?
Lesson 3 – What Storage Drives Should I Use For My Files?
Lesson 4 – How To Setup Your Workspace For Editing Efficiently
Lesson 5 – How To Create A Good Editing Environment
Lesson 6 – The BEST Keyboard Shortcuts For Maximum Efficiency
Lesson 7 – How To ORGANIZE Your Files
Lesson 8 – Creating Your First Timeline With Correct Settings
Lesson 9 – Proxies: How To Edit Big Files With A Slow Computer

Module #2 EDITING

Lesson 1 – Magic Moments – How To Plan Your Edit
Lesson 2 – The “Bob Ross” Method: How To Get The Right Pacing
Lesson 3 – 3 Time Saving Editing Tools You Didn’t Know Exist
Lesson 4 – 3 Ways To Speed Up Productivity While Editing
Lesson 5 – Storytelling – How To Use Editing To Tell A Story
Lesson 6 – How To Edit To Music
Lesson 7 – How To Create The Right Tone Or Mood In Your Edit
Lesson 8 – How To Get Smooth Slow Motion In Post
Lesson 9 – Using Speed Ramps To Add Interest To Your Edit
Lesson 10 – How To Edit A Music Video With Multicam Sequences
Lesson 11 – 4 Ways To Fix Badly Shot Footage In Post
Lesson 12 – Seamless Transitions – How And When To Use Them
Lesson 13 – How To Export Your Videos Without Losing Quality


Lesson 1 – Where To Get Sound Effects For Your Videos
Lesson 2 – How To Layer Sound Effects For A Full Sound
Lesson 3 – Compression: How To Make Voices Sound Clear In Your Edit
Lesson 4 – 3 Easy Practical Effects You Can Create With EQ
Lesson 5 – How To Create SFX With REVERB
Lesson 6 – How To Record A Professional Voice Over In Your Bedroom
Lesson 7 – Mixing: How To Get Consistent Volume Levels With Multiple Tracks


Lesson 1 – Color Theory: How To Use Color To Create A Mood
Lesson 2 – Color Correction: Getting A Clean Image To Start With
Lesson 3 – How To Use Curves To Get Creative With Your Color
Lesson 4 – How To Use LUTs To Color Grade Faster
Lesson 5 – How To Use Color Grading Scopes
Lesson 6 – How To Get Accurate Skin Tones With Secondaries
Lesson 7 – The Fastest And Easiest Way To Get Professional Color
Lesson 8 – 3 Tips To Finish Off Your Color Before Exporting
Lesson 9 – Top 3 Color Grading Mistakes That Make Your Footage Look Amateur
Lesson 10 – How To Color Match Different Cameras

Module #5 EXTRAS

1 – Cinematic LUT Pack
2 – Cinematic Music Pack
3 – Sound Design Effects


1 – Extended LUT Pack
2 – Extended Music Pack
3 – Extended Sound Design Effects
4 – Ultimate Effects Pack


Lessson 1 – Live Editing Session

Pro Editor LUT Pack
10 high-quality cinematic color grading LUTs created by professional colorist Drew Tekulve that you can use on all your projects!
Sound Design Effects
A complete collection of custom recorded sounds—risers, hits, atmosphere, whooshes, and more—to make your edits pop!

Cinematic Music Pack
5 original music tracks written by professional composer J Scott Rakozy with different length versions and stems so you can fit them to your edit.

Pro Editor The Complete Editing Course (7 GB)


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