Amir Zakeri’s Masterclass | Zakeri Video Academy (Full Course)

Amir Zakeri's Masterclass
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Amir Zakeri’s Masterclass | Zakeri Video Academy Course – Amir Zakeri

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This film course includes over 15 hours of educational content that encompasses everything you need to know about filmmaking. Whether you are a beginner, or already know how to work a camera, I will show you step by step how to properly film, and edit professional videos. My goal is to help you not only excel in this craft, but bring you a huge return on your investment. To help you make many more times the money you spend on this course.

What’s Included?

1. Introduction

  • Amir Zakeri’s Masterclass Trailer


  • Camera Settings Pt. 1
  • Camera Settings Pt. 2
  • Camera Settings Pt. 3
  • Setting Up Shot Pt. 1
  • Setting Up Shot Pt.2
  • Rules of Composition
  • Lenses
  • Utilizing Natural Light
  • Lighting Trick – Outdoors
  • How to Keep a Subject in Focus while Filming
  • How to Shoot Handheld – 10 Tips
  • Gimbal Setup & Settings
  • Cinematic Gimbal Movements
  • DSLR Transitions
  • Audio & Mics
  • Drone Settings
  • Cinematic Drone Movements
  • How To Shoot a Timelapse
  • How to Edit a Timelapse
  • Underwater Action Cam
  • Underwater DSLR
  • 10 Things to Check Before You Press Record


  • How to Make a Creative Action Camera Video
  • How to Make a Creative Action Camera Video No VFX Screen Rec…
  • Clone Yourself
  • How to Shoot a Cinemagraph
  • How to Edit a Cinemagraph
  • Boring Room
  • Get Excited

4. Premiere Pro

  • Premiere Pro Overview
  • Data Management
  • How to Make Premiere Pro Run Faster
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Resolutions
  • Frame Rates
  • Proxies
  • 16 Pro Tips
  • Syncing Audio
  • Keyframes
  • 8 Cuts
  • Creative Titles
  • Creative Titles part 2
  • Creative Video Effects
  • Masking – 4 Creative Ways to Mask
  • Editing to Music
  • Sound Design
  • Finding Music the Right Way – Music Bed
  • Speed Ramp / Time Remapping
  • Color Grading
  • Warp Stabilizer
  • Reduce Noise
  • How to Loop
  • Export Settings
  • Export Settings – Vertical IG Feed
  • Export Settings – Vertical Videos

5. After Effects

  • Introduction to After Effects
  • Tool Effects
  • Plugins / Presets / Folders
  • 2D Tracking
  • 3D Tracking
  • 3D System
  • Animation / Expressions
  • Rotoscoping
  • Keying
  • Rendering
  • Fundamentals Comp
  • Book Pop Up
  • Hologram
  • Live Comp Part 1
  • Live Comp Part 2
  • Moon Break
  • Page Flip
  • Pull of Screen
  • VFX Breakdown

6. Business

  • 3 Tips for Making Money
  • How Much Should I Charge
  • How to Land Clients
  • Contracts
  • Networking
  • My Biggest Mistakes
  • How I Grew My Instagram to 240k Followers

7. Exclusive Interviews

  • Matt Komo
  • Nainoa Langer
  • Nolan Omura
  • Justin Kalani Burbage


Amir Zakeri’s Masterclass Full Course (19 GB+)



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