Adobe Illustrator for Graphic Design By Valeria Dubin

Adobe Illustrator for Graphic Design By Valeria Dubin
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Adobe Illustrator for Graphic Design Free Download – Free Course Download

Domestika – Adobe Illustrator for Graphic Design – Valeria Dubin – Tutorial Collection

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Domestika Adobe Illustrator for Graphic Design Free Download

Having a graphic communication strategy is the pillar that starts any project, and your best ally to develop the entire visual and graphic world of it is Adobe Illustrator, the most popular and indispensable program for designers worldwide. In this 6-course Domestika Basics, graphic designer and art director Valeria Dubin will teach you from scratch how to use software to create graphic projects from start to finish.

With his extensive experience working for brands such as Barceló Hotels, La Xunta de Galicia, the CCCB and projects such as 25 years of Pixar at the Caixa Forum in Barcelona (Spain), you will learn to use the program to create a logo, a corporate stationery, the design of patterns and textures, and the design of a promotional poster.

In the first course you will familiarize yourself with Illustrator by knowing the basic elements of the interface to adjust it to your needs. You will understand the difference between a pixel and a vector, you will discover how to create a document, you will see the workspace in general and the key elements, such as the properties panel and the toolbar.

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You will continue in the second course knowing the text tools and, also, you will learn to create and edit vectors. To do this, you will create a brand by designing a logo from a specific typeface and converting it into an editable vector. Then you will make a small illustration with basic lines to make a symbol and, once ready, you will join both elements with the tools for modifying paths and shapes, and then give your design identity with the symbol panel.

The third course will deal with the creation of patterns and textures. You will draw basic geometric shapes to create the visual base. You will learn everything you need to know about color in Illustrator and use the resources to transform, duplicate, align, combine, group, among others, until you create your pattern . You will see how the guides, rules and grids are used, because the good design is in precision, and then, from a global point of view, edit the colors until it is perfect.

You will continue in the fourth course with the corporate applications of your design. You will create and prepare the presentation of an identity on letter paper, business card, postcards and three-dimensional signage elements. All this you will learn by using the work tables, importing graphic elements and illustrations to your project and working with text styles and effects.

For the penultimate course you will design an advertising poster. You will learn to work with photographs, how to turn them into a vector, create special paintings, gradients and strokes to create a very attractive poster. You will edit text bodies, organize your work through layers and prepare the final art.

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To end this Domestika Basics you will see all the possibilities that Illustrator offers for storage and export of your projects. You will see the different settings and options to create PDF files and learn how to configure the print settings of your files.

At the end of this Domestika Basics by Valeria Dubin you will know everything you need to carry out any graphic design project in Adobe illustrator in an optimized and professional way.

Technical Requirements

⦁ A computer with Windows 7 (or higher) or macOS 10.12 (Sierra).
⦁ Adobe Illustrator CC (you can either buy it or download the 7-day trial version on the Adobe website).
⦁ It is recommended you have a graphics tablet, but it is not mandatory.

Adobe Illustrator for Graphic Design (1.8 GB)



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